High Spirits Hilarious 35+ Mary Jane Jokes to make Your Day!


Welcome to a world of laughter and good vibes! If you appreciate the humor and mellow moments that Mary Jane brings, you’re in for a treat.

Get ready to relax, unwind, and giggle with our collection of Mary Jane jokes. These jokes celebrate the fun and lighthearted side of cannabis culture, offering a humorous take on toking tales and stoner shenanigans.

So, roll up, sit back, and let the laughter take you to new heights!

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Funny Mary Jane Jokes

  1. Why did the stoner bring a ladder to the party? To reach the higher vibes, man!
  2. What do you call a squirrel that smokes weed? A high-bernator!
  3. Why did the scarecrow win an award? It was outstanding in its field… of cannabis!
  4. How do you know if a person is a true Mary Jane enthusiast? They have a joint Facebook account!
  5. What did the stoner say to the pizza delivery guy? “Keep the change, and do you have any munchies suggestions?”
  6. How do you get rid of the pot smell after a smoke session? You don’t, you embrace it like a fragrant air freshener!
  7. What’s a stoner’s favorite Beatles song? “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds… and a Joint!”
  8. Why did the stoner become a gardener? They had a green thumb for growing their own herb!
  9. How do you hide money from a stoner? Put it under the soap!
  10. What do you call a group of stoners in a hot tub? A “baked” potato!
  11. Why did the stoner start a band? They wanted to make some “high” notes!
  12. How do you make a stoner’s eyes light up? Shine a flashlight in an empty bag of chips!

Clever Puns About Mary Jane 

  1. What’s a stoner’s favorite board game? “Chutes and Ladders… and a Few More Chutes!”
  2. How do you find a stoner at a concert? Follow the scent of patchouli and good vibes!
  3. Why did the stoner bring a ladder to the gym? To get a little “higher” during their workout!
  4. What did the joint say to the lighter? “You light up my life!”

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  1. Why did the stoner become a chef? They loved cooking with herbs!
  2. How do you impress a stoner? Roll a joint so perfectly that it brings tears of joy!
  3. What’s a stoner’s favorite type of TV show? “Baking” competition!
  4. Why did the stoner get a pet turtle? To have a slow and steady smoking buddy!
  5. How do you know if someone is too high? They start telling the same joke repeatedly, man!
  6. What did the stoner say when they ran out of weed? “I’m going through a joint crisis!”
  7. Why did the stoner go to the art gallery? They heard they had some “highly” abstract paintings!
  8. How do you catch a squirrel that’s been smoking weed? Set up a trail of Cheetos leading to a comfy hammock!
  9. What’s a stoner’s favorite type of workout? “Joints and Flexibility” class!
  10. Why did the stoner bring a camera to the party? They wanted to capture all the “highlights”!

Mary Jane One-Liners

  1. What’s a stoner’s favorite sport? Bowl-ing!
  2. How do you make a stoner’s day? Give them a “joint” account of your hilarious experiences!
  3. Why did the stoner open a bakery? They loved rolling the perfect dough… and joints!
  4. What’s a stoner’s favorite musical instrument? The “high”drums!
  5. How do you get a stoner to remember something? Whisper it to their bag of Doritos!
  6. Why did the stoner bring a map to the dispensary? They wanted to explore new “high”-ways!
  7. What’s a stoner’s favorite time of day? 4:20, of course!
  8. How do you make a stoner’s day brighter? Share a joint and some good vibes!
  9. Why did the stoner become a beekeeper? They loved seeing the buzz in action, man!

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We hope these Mary Jane jokes have lifted your spirits and brightened your day.

Laughter is a wonderful way to connect, relax, and enjoy the lighter side of life.

Whether you’re a fan of Mary Jane or simply appreciate the humor, these jokes are sure to spark a smile.

Share them with your friends, fellow enthusiasts, or anyone in need of a good laugh.

Remember, life is too short to take everything seriously, so roll with the laughter and embrace the good vibes that these jokes bring!


Are these Mary Jane jokes suitable for all audiences?

These jokes are intended for mature audiences who appreciate the humor surrounding Mary Jane culture. Exercise discretion when sharing, and ensure your audience is open to this type of humor

Can I share these jokes on social media platforms?

You can share these jokes on social media platforms that allow content related to Mary Jane humor. However, be mindful of the platform’s policies and guidelines regarding this topic.

Are there more Mary Jane jokes available?

Yes, there are countless Mary Jane jokes out there. Our collection provides a great starting point, but you can explore other sources and communities to discover more humorous takes on cannabis culture.

Can I use these jokes in a Mary Jane-themed event or gathering?

Absolutely! These jokes can add a fun and light-hearted touch to any Mary Jane-themed event, gathering, or social gathering. Just ensure that the audience is receptive to this type of humor.

Are there other sources for Mary Jane humor?

Yes, there are various sources for Mary Jane humor, including comedy shows, movies, and online communities. Explore these sources to dive deeper into the laughter-inducing world of Mary Jane humor.

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