115+ Kneeling Jokes That’ll Make You Bend Over with Laughter


Kneeling may be a simple act, but it has provided us with countless moments of hilarity and laughter. Whether it’s in the realm of sports, religion, or everyday life, the act of bending one knee has given rise to a wealth of humorous situations and jokes. 

Brace yourself for an abundance of knee-weakening humor as we present to you over 115+ knee-slapping jokes that are bound to tickle your funny bone.

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Funny Kneeling Jokes

  1. Why did the scarecrow refuse to kneel? He didn’t want to bow down to any crows!
  2. What’s a kneecap’s favorite song? “Bend It Like Beckham!”
  3. Why did the math book kneel? It wanted to find its X-factor!
  4. How does a superhero propose? On one bended knee with great power!
  5. Why did the comedian always kneel during his performances? He was a stand-up comic who took things literally!
  6. Why did the painter always kneel while working? He wanted to make sure he had a good canvas position!
  7. What do you call a rabbit that loves to kneel? A hare-bender!
  8. Why did the computer kneel? It wanted to reboot its software from scratch!
  9. Why did the musician kneel on stage? It was his way of taking a “knee solo”!
  10. What did the teacher say to the student who knelt while taking an exam? “I see you’re really thinking on your knees!”
  11. Why did the gardener kneel? To get closer to the root of the problem!
  12. What did the rock say to the mountain? “You make me weak in the knees!”
  13. Why did the poker player always kneel before starting a game? To show that he had good “hand” manners!
  14. What do you call a basketball player who refuses to kneel? A standing ovation!
  15. Why did the chef kneel down in the kitchen? To say a little prayer for the soufflé!
  16. How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a nut, then wait for it to kneel before you!
  17. What did the baker say when his dough wouldn’t rise? “Knead I say more?”
  18. Why did the yoga instructor always kneel during class? He wanted to be grounded in his practice!
  19. What did one knee say to the other knee? “I’m bent on seeing you soon!”
  20. Why did the artist kneel in front of the blank canvas? It was time for a “kneew masterpiece!”
  21. How do you make a chair kneel? Give it a good “sit-down” talk!
  22. Why did the DJ kneel during the party? He wanted to drop a beat on his knees!
  23. What did the golfer say when he made a hole-in-one? “I’m on my knees with excitement!”
  24. Why did the barber kneel while cutting hair? To give a “cutting-edge” experience!
  25. How did the singer win the talent show? She hit the high notes and brought the judges to their knees!
  26. What did the knight say to his squire? “Kneel before the sword of justice!”
  27. Why did the construction worker kneel at the building site? To lay a solid foundation of hard work!
  28. What do you call a person who can’t stop kneeling? A knee-dict!
  29. Why did the librarian kneel? To book some time with her favorite novels!
  30. What did the car mechanic say to the kneeling car? “You’re tire-d of running, aren’t you?”
  31. How do you get a giraffe to kneel? Tie its shoelaces together!
  32. Why did the comedian kneel during his stand-up routine? He was hoping for some “knee-slapping” applause!
  33. What did the phone say when it saw its battery was low? “I’m on my last kneecall!”
  34. Why did the scientist kneel in the laboratory? He wanted to be eye-level with his experiments!
  35. What did the marathon runner say to his knees? “Don’t buckle under pressure!”
  36. Why did the skateboarder kneel on his board? He wanted to “wheel-y” impress the crowd!
  37. What’s the best way to propose on a roller coaster? On one knee, of course!
  38. Why did the baseball player kneel on the field? He was hoping to catch a “ground ball” with his knees!
  39. What do you call a cat that’s always on its knees? Purrrraying!
  40. Why did the astronaut kneel on the moon? To show that gravity can’t keep him down!

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Puns About Knees

  1. How do you make a rabbit kneel? Threaten to take away its carrots!
  2. Why did the lawyer kneel in the courtroom? To take a “pleading” stance!
  3. What did the gardener say to the weeds? “Kneel before me, unwanted plants!”
  4. How do you train a dog to kneel? Put treats on its paws and watch it beg!
  5. Why did the gymnast kneel during her routine? She was doing a “floor-exercise” on her knees!
  6. What’s a frog’s favorite way to propose? On one lily pad, asking, “Will you ribbit on your knee?”
  7. Why did the book always kneel on the shelf? It had a spine made of pure dedication!
  8. How did the tailor fix the pants? He put his knee into it!
  9. What did the coach say to the soccer team? “Kneel before victory and give it your all!”
  10. Why did the musician kneel during the concert? It was a “knee-cessary” part of his performance!
  11. How do you make a clock kneel? Take away its hands!
  12. Why did the wrestler always kneel before a match? To show his opponent that he was ready to pin them down!
  13. What did the soccer player say when he hurt his knee? “I think I need a little ‘knee-rest’!”
  14. Why did the candle always kneel before being lit? It wanted to shine brighter!
  15. How did the pirate propose to his love? With a “knee-ring” hidden in a treasure chest!
  16. Why did the politician kneel during a speech? To promise to serve the people from the bottom of his heart!
  17. What did the dentist say to the patient with knee pain? “Looks like you need a tooth-knee!”
  18. How do you make a bed kneel? With a sheet anchor!
  19. Why did the beekeeper kneel in front of the beehive? To be closer to the buzz!
  20. What did the athlete say to the reporter? “My victory brought me to my knees!”
  21. How do you make a banana kneel? Tell it a “peeling” story!
  22. Why did the ice cream always kneel before being served? It wanted to be the cherry on top!
  23. What did the detective say to the suspect? “Kneel before the truth!”
  24. How do you make a cat kneel? Show it a laser pointer!
  25. Why did the weightlifter kneel before lifting? To show the barbell who’s boss!
  26. What did the soldier say to his kneeling comrade? “You’re always at the forefront, taking the first ‘knee-s’!”
  27. Why did the musician kneel before playing the piano? To strike the right “chord” with the audience!
  28. How do you make a donut kneel? Put it in a sticky situation!
  29. What did the chef say to the vegetables? “Kneel before the taste of my culinary creations!”
  30. Why did the actor kneel during the audition? To show the casting director his “dramatic knee-tensity!”
  31. How do you make a bicycle kneel? Give it a flat tire!
  32. Why did the teacher kneel while writing on the chalkboard? It was a “knee-telligent” way to engage with the students!
  33. What did the shoemaker say to the boots? “Kneel before my craftsmanship!”
  34. How do you make a football kneel? Tell it that its touchdown doesn’t count!
  35. Why did the bee always kneel before the queen? To show its loyalty to the hive!
  36. What did the construction worker say when he saw a leaning tower? “I kneel your pain!”
  37. How do you make a bird kneel? Take away its wings!
  38. Why did the hairstylist kneel while cutting hair? To make sure they had the perfect angle!
  39. What did the artist say to the sculpture? “Kneel before art!”
  40. Why did the comedian kneel during his act? To get to the punchline from a lower perspective!

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Kneeling One-Liners

  1. How do you make a tree kneel? Give it a root canal!
  2. Why did the firefighter kneel during the rescue? To show his dedication to saving lives!
  3. What did the astronaut say to the alien? “Take me to your kneeder!”
  4. How do you make a basketball kneel? Tell it to dribble!
  5. Why did the gardener kneel in the flower bed? To cultivate a blossoming garden!
  6. What did the scientist say to the microscope? “Kneel before the wonders of the microscopic world!”
  7. How do you make a door kneel? Show it the doormat!
  8. Why did the dog always kneel before eating? It believed in saying a “paws” of gratitude!
  9. What did the tailor say to the fabric? “Kneel before the scissors and become a masterpiece!”
  10. How do you make a lamp kneel? Unplug it!
  11. Why did the soccer goalie kneel during the penalty kick? To give the shooter a “kneecouraging” target!
  12. What did the ruler say to the pencil? “Kneel before my straight lines!”
  13. How do you make a fish kneel? Put it in a tank with too much water!
  14. Why did the painter always kneel while creating art? To find the perfect perspective and brushstroke!
  15. What did the doctor say to the patient with knee pain? “I kneed to examine you!”
  16. How do you make a cloud kneel? Rain on its parade!
  17. Why did the magician kneel during his act? To make his tricks more awe-inspiring!
  18. What did the cashier say to the customer who wanted a discount? “Kneel before the power of full price!”
  19. How do you make a snake kneel? Take away its slither!
  20. Why did the accountant kneel while working? To balance the books from a lower position!
  21. What did the bow say to the violin? “Kneel before the music we create!”
  22. How do you make a chair kneel? Give it a stool sample!
  23. Why did the mechanic kneel under the car? To give it a “wheelignment”!
  24. What did the frog say to the princess? “I’m willing to hop on one knee for you!”
  25. How do you make a mirror kneel? Show it its own reflection!
  26. Why did the surgeon kneel during the operation? To get a closer look at the patient’s condition!
  27. What did the boxer say after delivering a knockout punch? “I brought him to his knees!”
  28. How do you make a television kneel? Change the channel to a workout program!
  29. Why did the artist kneel in front of the blank canvas? It was time for a “kneew masterpiece!”
  30. What did the lawyer say to the judge? “Kneel before my persuasive arguments!”
  31. How do you make a cow kneel? Threaten to take away its moo!
  32. Why did the acrobat always kneel during his performance? He liked to take things to a “higher” level!
  33. What did the singer say to the audience before hitting a high note? “Prepare to be brought to your knees by my voice!”
  34. How do you make a book kneel? Tell it an open and shut case!
  35. Why did the architect always kneel at construction sites? To get a better view of the blueprint!
  36. Why did the scarecrow refuse to kneel? He didn’t want to bow down to any crows!
  37. What’s a kneecap’s favorite song? “Bend It Like Beckham!”

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We hope these knee-buckling jokes brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. Kneeling may be a simple action, but it has certainly given us plenty of comedic fodder. 

Whether you’re a fan of puns, one-liners, or clever wordplay, these jokes showcase the lighter side of bending the knee. Share these jokes with friends, family, or even strangers, and spread the joy of laughter!


Why do people kneel during religious ceremonies? 

Kneeling is a sign of reverence and humility in many religious traditions. It is a way for individuals to show their respect and devotion during worship.

Can kneeling be funny outside of sports and religion? 

Absolutely! Kneeling can be a source of humor in various situations, including everyday life, comedy sketches, and even movies. It all depends on the context and the comedic timing.

Are there any famous instances of kneeling in sports? 

Yes, there have been notable instances of athletes kneeling, such as football players taking a knee during the national anthem to protest social injustice. These actions sparked discussions about activism and freedom of expression.

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