30+ S’More Jokes to Light Up Your Day!


Are you ready for some laughter around the campfire? We have gathered a delectable collection of S’More jokes that will surely bring a smile to your face and make your camping experience even more enjoyable. 

So grab your marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, and get ready to indulge in a heap of delicious humour. These S’More jokes are guaranteed to light up your day and leave you wanting more!

S’More Jokes

  1. What do you call a camping dessert that tells jokes? A S’More-dinner!
  2. Why did the S’More go to school? To get s’more education!
  3. How do S’Mores greet each other? With a marshmallow “Hi!” and a chocolate “Hello!”
  4. What do S’Mores use to fix their chocolate? S’More glue!
  5. Why did the S’More become an artist? It wanted to draw s’more smiles!
  6. What did the S’More say to the camper? “You’re so sweet, I can’t resist you!”
  7. How do S’Mores listen to music? They use their marsh-mallows!
  8. Why did the S’More bring a ladder to the campfire? It wanted to reach new heights of deliciousness!
  9. What do you call a S’More that tells jokes all night? A campfire comedian!
  10. Why did the S’More get a job at the bakery? It wanted to be closer to its dough-mesticated friends!

S’More Puns

  1. What do S’Mores watch on TV? Graham-nimated cartoons!
  2. How do S’Mores celebrate a victory? They have a marsh-mellow dance party!
  3. Why did the S’More join the circus? It wanted to be a high-wire marshmallow!
  4. What do S’Mores do when they’re sad? They melt in their chocolatey tears!
  5. Why did the S’More go on a diet? It wanted to be a s’more-fit!
  6. How do you know if a S’More is happy? It’s all smiles, with chocolate and marshmallow oozing out!
  7. What do S’Mores use to navigate in the dark? Graham cracker GPS!
  8. Why did the S’More start a band? It wanted to spread sweet tunes!
  9. What did the S’More say when it won a prize? “I’m on a roll! Or should I say, a s’more-roll?”
  10. How do S’Mores stay in shape? They do chocolate chip-ups and marshmallow-ups!

S’More One-Liners

  1. Why did the S’More get promoted? It was a real toasty addition to the team!
  2. What do S’Mores do on their birthdays? They have a marshmallow party with chocolate and graham cracker guests!
  3. Why did the S’More go to the dentist? It had a cavity that needed s’more-filling!
  4. How do S’Mores communicate? They send marshmallow-grams!
  5. What did the S’More say to the firewood? “You’re so hot, you make me melt!”
  6. Why did the S’More take up knitting? It wanted to make cozy chocolate and marshmallow sweaters!
  7. What do you call a S’More who loves to dance? A s’more-gyver!
  8. How do S’Mores play hide-and-seek? They cover themselves in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs!
  9. Why did the S’More go to the gym? It wanted to work on its s’more-cuts!
  10. What do you get when you cross a S’More with a vampire? A marsh-mu-st!
  11. Why did the S’More go to the music festival? It wanted to see its favorite “flame” band!
  12. How do S’Mores apologize? They say, “I’m sorry for being such a crumb!”


We hope these S’More jokes have brought a smile to your face and added a touch of sweetness to your day. Laughter is the perfect ingredient for any camping adventure, and what better way to enjoy it than with some delicious humour about everyone’s favourite campfire treat? 

Share these jokes with your friends and family around the campfire, and create memorable moments filled with laughter and joy. Remember, there’s always room for S’More laughter in life!


Can I use these S’More jokes for my camping event? 

Absolutely! Feel free to use these S’More jokes to add a fun and light-hearted touch to your camping event. They’re perfect for campfire gatherings, camping trips, or any occasion where you want to spread laughter.

How can I make these S’More jokes even more enjoyable? 

You can enhance the humour by incorporating funny voices, gestures, or even props. For example, you can hold up a marshmallow or a graham cracker while telling the jokes, adding a visual element to the laughter.

Are there any age restrictions for enjoying these jokes? 

These S’More jokes are family-friendly and suitable for all ages. They can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, ensuring everyone has a good laugh together.

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