Set Sail with Laughter: 107+ One Piece Jokes for Fans


One Piece, the legendary manga and anime series, has captured the hearts of fans with its epic adventures and colorful characters. But did you know that it’s not all serious business on the Grand Line? 

In this collection, we’ve compiled a series of One Piece jokes that will have you grinning from ear to ear. So, hoist the Jolly Roger, set sail, and let’s dive into the world of humor with our favorite pirates!

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One Piece Jokes

  1. Why did Luffy bring a ladder to the island? Because he wanted to find the “treasure chest” in the tallest palm tree!
  2. What’s Sanji’s favorite type of tea? “Shut-cha” green tea.
  3. Why did Nami start her own bank? She wanted to make “beli” easily accessible.
  4. What’s Zoro’s favorite fruit? “Three”-berry pie.
  5. Why did Chopper become a doctor? So he could prescribe “rumble balls” for all ailments.
  6. What’s Brook’s favorite musical genre? “Yohoho-p” music!
  7. Why did Franky open a construction company? Because he’s the master of “super” structures.
  8. What’s Robin’s favorite book genre? “Poneglyphic” novels.
  9. Why did Usopp become a comedian? Because he’s a master of tall tales and “lies!”
  10. What’s Law’s favorite card game? “Heart”-s!
  11. Why did Buggy start a circus? Because he can “split” the audience’s sides with laughter.
  12. What’s Kid’s favorite metal band? “Pirate Metal.”
  13. Why did Doflamingo become a tailor? He can “string” together a fine suit.
  14. What’s Carrot’s favorite type of carrot? The “electric” ones.
  15. Why did Perona start a haunted house? Because her negativity can “spirit” you away!
  16. What’s Jimbei’s favorite type of fish? The “undersea” variety.
  17. Why did Smoker become a barbecue chef? He can “smoke” up a storm!
  18. What’s Katakuri’s favorite pastry? “Future” doughnuts.
  19. Why did Vivi become a tour guide? She can lead you on an “Alabasta” adventure.
  20. What’s Sabo’s favorite card game? “Ace”-high poker.
  21. Why did Ivankov start a beauty salon? Because they can make anyone “fabulous.”
  22. What’s Kizaru’s favorite type of light? “Laser” beams.
  23. Why did Caesar Clown become a chemist? Because he’s “gassy” about science.
  24. What’s Hancock’s favorite type of jewelry? “Love”-ly gems.
  25. Why did Kin’emon become a tailor? He’s great at sewing “clothing” together.
  26. Why did Chopper bring a snowman to the beach? Because it wanted to catch some “sandy” flakes!
  27. What’s Kaido’s favorite type of weather? “Oni”-ce storms.
  28. Why did Shanks become a bar owner? Because he wanted to “share” his spirit(s) with the world.
  29. What’s X Drake’s favorite dinosaur? The “rock ‘n’ roll” variety.
  30. Why did Bon Clay start a dance school? Because he can “copy” all the moves!
  31. What’s Bepo’s favorite ice cream flavor? “Bear”-y swirl.
  32. Why did Marco become a firefighter? He’s a master of “blue flames.”
  33. What’s Big Mom’s favorite type of cookie? “Soul” cookies.
  34. Why did Hina become a professional photographer? She can “cuff” the perfect shot.
  35. What’s Brook’s favorite instrument for playing sea shanties? The “marrow-aca.”
  36. Why did Garp become a fitness trainer? He loves delivering “hockey” punches.
  37. What’s Jinbe’s favorite place to go fishing? “Fish-man” Island.
  38. Why did Buggy open a theme park? Because he’s the ultimate “clown.”
  39. What’s Blackbeard’s favorite bedtime story? “The Dark of the Moon.”
  40. Why did Dorry and Brogy become stand-up comedians? Because they have the “giant” humor!

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Best One Piece Jokes

  1. What’s Enel’s favorite genre of music? “Space” rock.
  2. Why did Oden become a chef? To master the art of “boiling.”
  3. What’s Fujitora’s favorite game to play on his off days? “Blind” man’s bluff.
  4. Why did Bartolomeo start a fan club for Luffy? Because he’s the ultimate “straw hat.”
  5. What’s Magellan’s favorite type of candy? “Venomous” licorice.
  6. Why did Ace become a barista? Because he can create “fiery” espresso.
  7. What’s Galdino’s favorite type of sculpture? “Wax” statues.
  8. Why did Inuarashi and Nekomamushi become stand-up comedians? Because they’ve got the “beastly” humor!
  9. What’s Koby’s favorite type of book? “Justice” novels.
  10. Why did Shirahoshi start a marine biology blog? So she could “whale”-ly educate the world.
  11. Why did Donquixote Doflamingo become a baker? Because he’s great at making “string” pie!
  12. What’s Pudding’s favorite dessert? “Memory”-mousse.
  13. Why did Marco the Phoenix become a lifeguard? He can bring the “fire” to any rescue.
  14. What’s Cavendish’s favorite type of flower? “Narcissus” blossoms.
  15. Why did Kaku become a zookeeper? So he could “hybrid”-ly take care of all the animals.
  16. What’s Urouge’s favorite pastime? “Sky”-diving.
  17. Why did Monet become a weatherwoman? She’s great at forecasting “snow.”
  18. What’s Bellamy’s favorite board game? “Spring Hopper-ly.”
  19. Why did Hannyabal become a school principal? He’s a master of “disciplinary” actions.
  20. What’s Rayleigh’s favorite type of tea? “Dark King” Earl Grey.
  21. Why did Vivi become a wedding planner? She’s all about “Ala-basta” celebrations.
  22. What’s Kuzan’s favorite cold beverage? “Chill”-soda.
  23. Why did Pell become a personal trainer? He can help you “soar” to new heights.
  24. What’s Borsalino’s favorite type of light? “Laser” beams.
  25. Why did Smoker become a competitive barbecuer? He’s the king of “smoking” competitions.
  26. What’s Tashigi’s favorite type of sword? The “Navy” cutlass.
  27. Why did Boa Sandersonia start a gymnastics school? Because she can bend any “heart.”
  28. What’s Coby’s favorite fish? “Justice” fish.
  29. Why did Zeff become a motivational speaker? He’s all about the “Black Leg” life lessons.
  30. What’s Blueno’s favorite type of door? “Sliding” doors.
  31. Why did Drake become a paleontologist? He’s always “digging” up history.
  32. What’s Sengoku’s favorite type of salad dressing? “Marine”-nara sauce.
  33. Why did Fisher Tiger become a seafood chef? He can “cook” up a storm.
  34. What’s Jozu’s favorite type of jewelry? “Diamond” rings.
  35. Why did Van Augur become an astronomer? He’s got a “sharp-shooter” eye for stars.
  36. Why did Hody Jones become a stand-up comedian? Because he’s “waterfalling” with jokes.
  37. What’s Kin’emon’s favorite sewing machine brand? “Fox”er.
  38. Why did Buffalo start a flight school? Because he’s “propeller”ly skilled.
  39. What’s Sugar’s favorite book genre? “Dressing” for success.
  40. Why did Jabra become a radio DJ? Because he’s always howling about “Wolf Radio.”

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Funny One Piece Jokes

  1. What’s Tom’s favorite holiday destination? “Water 7.”
  2. Why did Kokoro start a swimming club? She loves “trainin'” in the sea.
  3. What’s Vander Decken IX’s favorite type of flower? “Flying” lotus.
  4. Why did Whitey Bay become an ice cream truck driver? She’s got the “coolest” treats.
  5. What’s Kizaru’s favorite card game? “Light-speed” poker.
  6. Why did Catarina Devon become a librarian? Because she’s all about “book”y business.
  7. What’s Vander Decken IX’s favorite fruit? “Drowning” in oranges.
  8. Why did Machvise start a weightlifting gym? He can “crush” any competition.
  9. What’s Magellan’s favorite type of pie? “Venomous” apple pie.
  10. Why did Jinbe become a tour guide? He can lead you to the “Fish-man” Island.
  11. What’s Hina’s favorite type of handcuffs? “Golden” cuffs.
  12. Why did Ikaros Much become a flight attendant? He knows all about “skying.”
  13. What’s Ivankov’s favorite type of make-up? “Revolution”-ary cosmetics.
  14. Why did Garp start a drumming school? He’s the master of “Garp-beat.”
  15. What’s Shiliew’s favorite board game? “Checkmate.”
  16. Why did Kalifa become a spa owner? She can “bubble” away your stress.
  17. What’s Jewelry Bonney’s favorite type of pasta? “Aging” spaghetti.
  18. Why did Dellinger become a ballet dancer? He’s got the perfect “pointe.”
  19. What’s Perospero’s favorite type of candy? “Caramel” swirls.
  20. Why did Shakky become a fortune teller? She’s good at “seeing” your future.
  21. What’s Vander Decken IX’s favorite sport? “Drowning” in water polo.
  22. Why did Basil Hawkins become a tarot card reader? He can predict your “fortune-telling.”
  23. What’s Carrot’s favorite type of music? “Electric” blues.
  24. Why did Alvida become a skincare consultant? She’s all about “smooth sailing.”
  25. What’s Koby’s favorite place to go on vacation? “Marine” World.
  26. Why did Caesar Clown become a chemistry professor? He loves “gassing” up the classroom.
  27. What’s Law’s favorite card game on the Heart Pirates’ ship? “Hearts” and Spades.
  28. Why did Hatchan become a sushi chef? He’s got a knack for “eight”-ing.
  29. What’s Gloriosa’s favorite gardening tool? “Giant” shears.
  30. Why did Otohime start a band? She can “drum” up support for her cause.

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One Piece is not just about finding the One Piece treasure; it’s also about the treasure of laughter and camaraderie. 

These jokes capture the essence of the series and its characters, offering fans a chance to share a hearty laugh and bond over their love for this epic adventure.


Can I share these One Piece jokes with other fans?

Absolutely! These jokes are meant to be shared and enjoyed by fellow One Piece enthusiasts.

Are these jokes spoiler-free for those who haven’t finished the series?

Yes, these jokes are spoiler-free and focus on the characters’ personalities and quirks rather than plot details.

Can I use these jokes at One Piece-themed events or parties?

Yes, these jokes can add a fun and pirate-themed touch to any One Piece-themed gathering or celebration.

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