17+ Omori Jokes: Dive into Hikikomori’s Hilarious World


Omori, the indie role-playing game developed by Omocat, takes players on a surreal journey through the world of Sunny and his friends. Amid its dark and emotional themes, there’s plenty of room for humor and wit.

Join us in this article as we explore a series of Omori-inspired one-liners and jokes, giving you a lighthearted look at the game’s unique universe.

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Omori Jokes

  1. Why did Omori start a gardening club? Because he wanted to “grow” as a person.
  2. What did Omori say to Aubrey when she asked if he wanted to go to the park? “I’m in my ‘hikikomori’ zone right now!”
  3. Why don’t Omori and Kel ever play hide and seek? Because Omori always hides in White Space!
  4. What’s Omori’s favorite music genre? Emo-core, of course.
  5. Why did Basil bring a ladder to Omori’s house? To help him climb out of his shell.
  6. What did Omori say to the ‘Mean Spirit’? “You’re ‘CUTting’ it close!”
  7. Why don’t Omori and his friends ever make sandwiches? Because Omori can’t handle ‘bread’ emotions.
  8. What’s Omori’s favorite outdoor activity? Taking long strolls in Black Space.
  9. Why did Omori take a nap in Orange Oasis? He wanted to experience a ‘citrus’ dream.
  10. Why does Omori have a side career in comedy? Because he’s great at delivering ‘punch’ lines.
  11. What’s Omori’s go-to video game? Hide and Seek Simulator!
  12. Why did Omori become a gardener? Because he was an expert at ‘blooming’ out of his shell.
  13. What did Omori say when asked about his favorite season? “I prefer ‘wint’ing in White Space.”
  14. Why did Omori bring a ladder to the Basil’s house? To help him reach for buried memories.
  15. What’s Omori’s favorite dance? The ’emotional rollercoaster.’
  16. Why did Omori start a club for the ‘Bread Heads’? He kneaded a new hobby.
  17. What did Omori say to the ‘Rad Doodle’? “You’re quite ‘scribble’ at what you do!”
  18. Why did Omori refuse to play chess with his friends? Because he prefers a game of ’emotion’ chess.
  19. What’s Omori’s favorite board game? ‘Guess the Emotion.’
  20. Why did Omori bring a ladder to the playground? He wanted to get a ‘slide’ glimpse of fun!

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Omori, with its unique blend of surreal storytelling and deep emotional themes, offers the perfect backdrop for a bit of humor. 

These jokes, inspired by the game’s characters and world, remind us that even in the darkest of times, laughter can be a powerful companion. We hope you enjoyed this lighthearted tour through Omori’s universe.


Is Omori a game suitable for all ages?

Omori is rated as a Mature game due to its themes and content. It’s recommended for players aged 17 and older.

Can I find Omori on multiple platforms?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Omori was available on Windows and macOS. However, there may have been developments or releases on other platforms since then. Check the latest sources for up-to-date information.

Is Omori’s storyline dark and emotional throughout the game?

Yes, Omori’s narrative explores deep and emotional themes. It’s a game that delves into the inner struggles and psychological challenges faced by its characters.

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