47+ Hilarious Marathi Jokes to Brighten Your Day!


Laughter is truly the best medicine, and what better way to tickle your funny bone than with a collection of side-splitting Marathi jokes! 

Whether you’re a native speaker or just someone looking to enjoy the essence of Marathi humor, these witty one-liners and humorous anecdotes are sure to bring a smile to your face. Get ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey through the world of Marathi humor.

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Jokes About Marathi

  1. Why did the Marathi-speaking computer apply for a job? Because it wanted to work in “मार्ग-प्रदर्शन” (Guidance) mode!
  2. What did the Marathi cheese say to the pizza? “तुमच्या पिझाचं जीव आहे!” (You are the soul of your pizza!)
  3. Why did the Marathi painter always carry a ladder? To reach the “आकाश” (sky) with his art!
  4. What’s a Marathi’s favorite superhero? “शेतकरी” (The Farmer) – they feed the world!
  5. Why don’t Marathi ghosts haunt people? Because they prefer “वासलावासला” (peaceful) coexistence.
  6. What’s a Marathi’s favorite time of day? “वाटला” (Evening) – it’s tea time!
  7. Why did the Marathi tomato turn red? Because it saw the “तांदूळ” (rice) cooker!
  8. Why do Marathi chickens make great comedians? They always have “मस्त” (corny) jokes!
  9. Why did the Marathi teacher bring a ladder to school? To teach the students “आपल्या आकाराचा विचार करणारा” (thinking outside the box)!
  10. What do you call a musical Marathi cow? “गाण्याला लागलेला” (A cow that loves music) – it’s a “म्यूझिकॉ” (musical) cow!
  11. Why don’t Marathi letters ever get tired? Because they’re always “प्रामाणिक” (official)!
  12. Why did the Marathi car refuse to start? Because it was in “पार्किंग” (parking) mode!
  13. What do you call a Marathi who loves to bake? “विक्ळांची” (Bakery) enthusiast!
  14. Why don’t Marathi birds need passports? Because they already have “पंखाचे दस्तपूस” (winged passports)!
  15. What’s a Marathi’s favorite season? “आपली माणसणी” (Our festival) – because it’s time to celebrate!
  16. Why did the Marathi bicycle apply for a job? It wanted to be a “सवार” (rider) for a delivery service.
  17. What’s the favorite fruit of Marathi ghosts? “रास्त्याची” (Street) “केळी” (banana) – it’s always on the road!
  18. Why did the Marathi scarecrow win an award? Because it was “आपल्या शेतीतला पुरस्कार” (the best in our farm)!
  19. What’s a Marathi dog’s favorite Bollywood song? “आला रे आला सिमबा” (Simba has come) – The Lion King fan!
  20. Why was the Marathi vegetable so calm? Because it was “किंवदंतीचा शांत” (well-mannered) cauliflower!
  21. What do you call a Marathi with a green thumb? “आपल्या शेतीतला नेता” (Our farm’s leader) – a great gardener!
  22. Why did the Marathi calendar go to therapy? It had too many “तारीख” (dates) to handle!
  23. What do you call a Marathi with a sweet tooth? “गोडघ्याच्या आकर्षणानुसार” (According to the attraction of jaggery) – A fan of sweets!
  24. Why did the Marathi robot become a chef? Because it could make perfect “पुरणपोळी” (sweet flatbread) every time!
  25. What’s a Marathi squirrel’s favorite hobby? “आपल्या पाकाच्या टोपलीच्या सुर्वाती” (Starting on top of our tree) – nut gathering!

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Hilarious Marathi Jokes

  1. Why do Marathi birds love to gossip? Because they have “बालकिल्ल्याच्या” (parrot’s) communication skills!
  2. What’s a Marathi’s favorite fish? “सुखी फिश” (Happy Fish) – it’s always content!
  3. Why did the Marathi tomato blush? Because it saw the “तुपाच्या” (butter) chicken!
  4. What do you call a Marathi who loves to travel? “गाडीच्या दिशेने” (In the direction of the car) – A wanderer!
  5. Why did the Marathi river always flow slowly? It was in “आपल्या गावाच्या” (our village’s) speed limit!
  6. What’s a Marathi’s favorite board game? “चुक द्यायला लागताना” (When you need to give a wrong answer) – A fan of Bluff!
  7. Why did the Marathi shoe always make people laugh? It had a great “कॉमेडी सोल” (comedy sole)!
  8. What’s a Marathi pirate’s favorite letter? “आपल्या मोहोत्सवाचा” (Our festival’s) ‘Rrrrr’!
  9. Why did the Marathi book go to the doctor? It had too many “पेज” (fever)!
  10. Why did the Marathi computer go to therapy? It had too many “कल्पना” (imaginary) problems!
  11. What’s a Marathi cat’s favorite Bollywood movie? “एक म्यूझिकल पूरी कथा” (A complete musical story) – The Sound of Music fan!
  12. Why did the Marathi onion go to school? To become an “उच्च शिक्षक” (highly educated) onion!
  13. What’s a Marathi vampire’s favorite food? “रक्त” (blood) orange!
  14. Why did the Marathi car have low self-esteem? Because it was a “डिफॉल्ट” (default) model!
  15. What do you call a Marathi with a great sense of humor? “विनोदाच्या अंतर्गत असलेला” (One who is under humor) – a comedian!
  16. Why did the Marathi lamp always give off a bright light? It had a “म्यूजिकल” (musical) bulb!
  17. What’s a Marathi wizard’s favorite spell? “मस्त जागा” (Mast Jaga) – instant party spell!
  18. Why do Marathi trees make terrible comedians? Because they’re always “रूख्याची” (tree’s) jokes!
  19. What’s a Marathi bee’s favorite sweet treat? “आपल्या घरात जवळ असलेले” (Found close to our home) honey!
  20. Why did the Marathi book have a great memory? It was “किंवदंतीच्या” (well-mannered) pages!
  21. What do you call a Marathi with a sweet voice? “गाण्याच्या ध्वनिमुळे” (Due to the sound of singing) – a melodious singer!
  22. Why was the Marathi library always quiet? Because it had “शांत सुचना” (silent notice) boards!
  23. What’s a Marathi chef’s favorite ingredient? “रस्त्याच्या केल्याच्या” (Made on the street) spices!
  24. Why did the Marathi bicycle always sing while riding? It had a “सवार” (rider) with a great voice!
  25. What’s a Marathi squirrel’s favorite TV show? “मुझय न्यूज क्या चाहिए?” (What news do I want?) – A news fanatic!

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Humor transcends language barriers, and Marathi jokes are a testament to that fact. They blend wit, wordplay, and cultural references to create a unique and delightful brand of humor. 

We hope these jokes brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. Laughter is a universal language, and in the world of comedy, Marathi jokes shine bright.


Are these jokes suitable for non-Marathi speakers?

Absolutely! While some jokes may have cultural references, many of them rely on universal humor that anyone can enjoy.

Can I share these jokes with my Marathi-speaking friends?

Of course! These jokes are perfect for sharing with Marathi-speaking friends and family, and they’ll appreciate the humor.

Are there any Marathi-specific wordplay jokes in the collection?

Yes, we’ve included some jokes that play with Marathi words, which can be quite amusing for native speakers.

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