40+ Hilarious Hummus Jokes to Spice Up Your Day


Get ready to dip into a bowl of laughter with our collection of hummus jokes. Whether you’re a die-hard hummus fan or simply enjoy a good chuckle, these puns and one-liners are bound to add some flavor to your day. So sit back, relax, and prepare for a hummus-tastic comedy ride!

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Best Hummus Jokes

  1. Why did the chickpea go to therapy? It was feeling a bit hummus-tional.
  2. What did the hummus say to the pita bread? “You complete me!”
  3. How do you turn hummus into gold? Use the chickpea touch.
  4. Why did the hummus blush? Because it saw the chickpeas on the other side.
  5. What do you call a hummus that can sing? A chickpea-cappella.
  6. How do you know if hummus is good at telling jokes? It always spreads laughter.
  7. What did the hummus say to the vegetable platter? “Lettuce have some fun!”
  8. Why did the hummus win an award? Because it had great chick-appeal.
  9. How does hummus travel? In chickpea-sized vehicles.
  10. What’s a hummus’s favorite game? Dip, Duck, and Dive.
  11. How did the hummus propose to its partner? With a “Will you marinate me?” sign.
  12. Why did the hummus bring a ladder to the party? It wanted to reach new levels of deliciousness.
  13. What did the hummus say when it bumped into the tzatziki? “Oops, I made a dip-slip.”
  14. How do hummus lovers greet each other? “Hey, chickpea, what’s up?”
  15. Why did the hummus become an entrepreneur? It wanted to start its own “Spread Business.”
  16. How do you know if someone is a hummus enthusiast? They always have a pita in their pocket.
  17. What do you call hummus that can fly? Chickpea-per.
  18. Why did the hummus go to art school? It wanted to become a master dip-stick.
  19. How does hummus like to relax? By taking a dip in the pool.
  20. What did the hummus say to the garlic? “We’re a dip-licious combination.”
  21. Why did the hummus become a detective? It always knew how to crack the case.

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Clever Puns About Hummus

  1. What do you call a hummus that’s trying to be funny? A hum-muse.
  2. How did the hummus react when it won the lottery? It was on a “spread” of good fortune.
  3. Why did the hummus break up with the salsa? It found a new “dip”-per love.
  4. How do you make hummus laugh on a Friday night? Tell it a chickpea-knock-knock joke.
  5. What do you call a hummus with an attitude? A sassy spread.
  6. Why did the hummus get a ticket? It was caught “speeding” through the pita lane.
  7. What’s a hummus’s favorite dance move? The chickpea shuffle.
  8. How does hummus stay in shape? It does a lot of “dip” ups.
  9. What did the hummus say when it saw the dessert menu? “I’ll just have a small scoop, I don’t want to be too chick-pea-lated.”
  10. Why did the hummus join the gym? It wanted to get in “spread-tacular” shape.
  11. What’s a hummus’s favorite workout song? “Whip It” by Devo (but they change the lyrics to “Whip it, chickpea!”)
  12. Why was the hummus sent to detention? It was caught “dipping” into the cookie jar.
  13. How do you fix a broken hummus? With “chick-pea” tape.
  14. What do you call hummus that’s afraid of the dark? Chickpea-nye.
  15. How do you cheer up a sad hummus? You give it a pita-pep talk.
  16. Why did the hummus throw a party? It wanted to have a “spread-tacular” time.
  17. What’s a hummus’s favorite book genre? Chick-lit.
  18. How do you make a hummus roll its eyes? Tell it a cheesy joke.
  19. What do you call a hummus that’s lost its rhythm? A chickpea offbeat.
  20. Why did the hummus hire a lawyer? It got into a “spread dispute.”
  21. How does hummus like to spend its weekends? Dipping into new adventures.

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We hope these hummus jokes brought a smile to your face and a rumble of laughter to your belly. Humor can be found in the most unexpected places, even in a simple bowl of hummus. 

So the next time you enjoy a delicious scoop, don’t forget to share a good laugh with your friends and family. Remember, laughter is the best seasoning!


Can you share some more hummus-related jokes? 

Of course! Here’s one: What did the hummus say when it got a promotion? “I’m moving up the spread-erarchy!”

Are these jokes suitable for all ages? 

Yes, these jokes are generally family-friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Is hummus a healthy snack option? 

Absolutely! Hummus is a nutritious dip made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. It’s high in protein and fiber and can be a great addition to a balanced diet.

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