GI Joe Jokes: 33+ Hilarious Quips About Your Favorite Heroes


GI Joe has been a beloved franchise for years, and its characters provide a rich source of humor. In this collection, we’ve gathered 33+ uproarious GI Joe jokes that will leave you in stitches. 

Whether you’re a fan of Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, or any other iconic character, you’re in for a laugh-packed adventure. Dive into the world of military humor and get ready to enjoy these comedic gems!

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Classic GI Joe Jokes

  1. Why did Cobra Commander start a cooking show? Because he wanted to master the art of “snake and bake”!
  2. What do you call a Joe who loves playing cards? A Full House Joe!
  3. Why did Duke become a gardener? He wanted to lead the “green berets” of the plant world!
  4. What did Snake Eyes say to his arch-nemesis during their poker game? “I’ll see your bet and raise you a silent stare.”
  5. Why did Scarlett always win at hide and seek? Because she was an expert in camouflage!
  6. How does Roadblock like his sandwiches? With a side of heavy artillery!
  7. Why did Storm Shadow go to the art gallery? To find inspiration for his next silent masterpiece!
  8. What’s Gung-Ho’s favorite type of music? Heavy metal, of course!
  9. Why did Shipwreck get kicked out of the seafood restaurant? He insisted on ordering “Yo, Joe-lapeno” poppers!
  10. What did Zartan say after his camouflage malfunctioned? “Well, that was a real ‘disguise-ter’!”
  11. Why did Lady Jaye become a meteorologist? She was tired of not being prepared for sudden weather changes!
  12. Why did Beach Head open a bakery? He wanted to make the most disciplined doughnuts in town!

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GI Joe Humor

  1. What’s Quick Kick’s favorite dance style? Kung-Boogie!
  2. Why did Wild Bill become a pilot? Because he couldn’t bear to be grounded!
  3. What does Shipwreck use to catch fish? A sonar “Yo, Joe!”-phone!
  4. Why did Cover Girl join a cosmetics company? She wanted to bring some heavy artillery to the world of beauty!
  5. Why did Lifeline take up yoga? To heal both body and mind, of course!
  6. Why did Alpine become a mountain climber? He felt at home when he was on the rocks!
  7. Why did Destro open a recycling plant? He wanted to turn his metallic tendencies into something eco-friendly!
  8. What’s Stalker’s favorite way to communicate? Morse code, but he prefers it over a secure radio channel!
  9. Why did Flint become a handyman? He wanted to nail every mission he was on!
  10. Why did Snow Job open an ice cream parlor? He was tired of only dealing with cold fronts in the Arctic!
  11. What’s Cover Girl’s favorite kind of music? Heavy metal, just like her artillery!
  12. Why did Wild Weasel start a bird-watching club? He couldn’t resist the call of the wild!

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GI Joe One-Liners

  1. Why did Dusty open a cleaning service? He knew how to sweep the competition!
  2. What’s Beach Head’s favorite type of exercise? Boot camp, of course!
  3. Why did Shipwreck become a bartender? He wanted to serve up some “Yo, Joe!” cocktails!
  4. What did Snake Eyes say when he joined the silent film industry? Nothing, but his actions spoke volumes!
  5. Why did Storm Shadow take up archery? He wanted to aim high in life!
  6. Why did Lady Jaye open a gift shop? She knew how to wrap up any mission with style!
  7. What’s Stalker’s favorite mode of transportation? A stealthy night assault, naturally!
  8. Why did Zartan start a magic show? He could change his appearance faster than a magician changes costumes!
  9. Why did Roadblock become a chef? Because he loved to cook up some heavy firepower!
  10. What’s Snow Job’s favorite winter sport? Avalanche surfing, of course!
  11. Why did Tunnel Rat join a mining company? He wanted to dig deep and uncover the truth!
  12. What’s Shipwreck’s favorite card game? “Go Fish,” but with a nautical twist!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this laughter-filled journey through the world of GI Joe jokes. From the fearless heroes to the crafty villains, these quips capture the essence of this iconic franchise. 

Share these jokes with your fellow fans and relish the camaraderie that only GI Joe can provide. Stay tuned for more fun and entertainment from your favorite heroes and villains!


What’s the origin of GI Joe jokes?

GI Joe jokes have been around for decades, stemming from the popular action figure and cartoon series that started in the 1980s. Fans and comedians have contributed to the humor associated with these characters over the years.

Are these jokes suitable for all ages?

Yes, most of these jokes are family-friendly, and suitable for fans of all ages. However, always consider the age and sensitivities of your audience when sharing jokes.

Can I share these jokes on social media or with friends?

Absolutely! These jokes are meant to be shared and enjoyed with fellow GI Joe enthusiasts. Feel free to spread the laughter and celebrate your love for the franchise.

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