37+ Hilarious Dead by Daylight Jokes – Killer Laughs Await!


Welcome to a side of Dead by Daylight you’ve never seen before – the funny side! In a game known for its suspense and terror, we’ve compiled a collection of 37+ jokes that will have both Survivors and Killers cracking a smile. 

Whether you’re a dedicated player or just dipping your toes into the fog, get ready for some killer laughs!

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DBD Killer Laughs

  1. Why did the Survivor bring a flashlight to Dead by Daylight? Because they heard it’s a killer way to blind their problems away!
  2. What’s a Killer’s favorite type of music in Dead by Daylight? Axe-tually, it’s heavy metal!
  3. Why do Survivors always bring a toolbox to the game? Because they can’t resist fixing things, even when it’s a real “killer” problem!
  4. What did the Wraith say when he got a speeding ticket? “I thought I was already invisible!”
  5. Why did the Nurse get kicked out of the hospital? She couldn’t stop teleporting to different floors!
  6. Why did the Hillbilly start a cooking show? Because he’s really good at “Chainsaw Massa-caring” the ingredients!
  7. Why did the Trapper fail as a musician? He couldn’t find the right “trap” for his sound!
  8. What did the Huntress say to the Survivor who stole her hatchet? “You really axed for it!”
  9. Why did the Survivor refuse to play cards with the Hag? Because she always had a “hex” up her sleeve!
  10. Why was the Clown such a terrible stand-up comedian? Because his jokes always “fell flat”!
  11. Why did the Doctor get a promotion? Because he had a shocking way of “electrifying” the workplace!
  12. What’s the Nurse’s favorite type of book? The ones with plenty of “suspense”!

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Killer vs. Survivor Humor

  1. Why did the Spirit quit her job as a bartender? She got tired of “phasing” out during her shifts!
  2. Why did the Legion start a clothing line? Because they wanted to make sure everyone could “blend in”!
  3. What’s the Pig’s favorite holiday? Halloween, because it’s the one day she doesn’t need her mask!
  4. Why did the Clown enroll in culinary school? Because he wanted to learn how to make a “killer” sandwich!
  5. Why did the Oni start a dojo? Because he wanted to teach people the art of “Oni-fu”!
  6. Why did the Plague become a travel blogger? Because she loves to explore new “vomiting” locations!
  7. What did the Ghostface say when he got caught shoplifting? “I swear, I was just practicing my stalking skills!”
  8. Why did the Demogorgon become a gardener? Because it loves to plant things in the Upside Down!
  9. What’s the Trickster’s favorite game show? “Throwing Blades of Fortune”!
  10. Why did the Executioner get a job at a lumberyard? Because he was really good at “Pyramid Head-saw”!
  11. Why did the Blight start a science YouTube channel? Because he wanted to “bounce” some knowledge!
  12. Why did the Twins open a daycare center? Because they wanted to share their “two-faced” love with the kids!
  13. Why did the Nemesis fail as a stand-up comedian? Because his jokes were always “slow” to land!
  14. What’s the Death Slinger’s favorite sport? Harpoon fishing, of course!
  15. Why did the Cenobite open a puzzle store? Because they love to “pinhead” their customers!
  16. Why did the Artist become a painter? Because he wanted to “sketch” out his feelings!

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DBD Chuckles

  1. Why did the Trickster get a job as a DJ? Because he knows how to drop a “killer” beat!
  2. Why did the Observer become a weatherman? Because he loves to predict the “Entity’s” forecast!
  3. Why did the Survivor bring a map to Dead by Daylight? Because they heard it’s a great way to “un-chart” their destiny!
  4. What did the Hag say when she heard a good joke? “That one really witched my funny bone!”
  5. Why did the Clown start a circus act? Because he’s always juggling “hatchets”!
  6. Why did the Trapper become a gardener? Because he’s an expert at setting up “killer” plant traps!
  7. What’s the Doctor’s favorite board game? Operation, because it’s a real “shocking” experience!
  8. Why did the Nurse become a lifeguard? Because she’s great at “blinking” to the rescue!
  9. Why did the Spirit become a yoga instructor? Because she can really “stretch” her abilities!
  10. What did the Shape say when he got a new outfit? “I’m really feeling ‘shape’-ly today!”
  11. Why did the Clown open a comedy club? Because he’s got an endless supply of “laughing gas”!
  12. Why did the Legion become baristas? Because they know how to “blend in” with the coffee crowd!
  13. What did the Huntress say when she hit a bullseye? “That’s how you ‘axe’-ecute a shot!”
  14. Why did the Plague become a food critic? Because she knows how to spot a “nauseating” dish from a mile away!

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We hope these Dead by Daylight jokes added a dose of humor to your gaming experience. Share them with your fellow players, friends, and anyone who appreciates a good laugh. 

Remember, even in the Entity’s realm, laughter is the best medicine.


Are these jokes suitable for all ages?

Yes, these jokes are designed to be light-hearted and suitable for a wide audience. No gore or explicit content here!

Can I use these jokes in my Dead by Daylight streams or videos?

Absolutely! Feel free to share these jokes in your content, but remember to credit the source if possible. Laughter is always welcome in the fog.

Do you have more Dead by Daylight jokes?

Currently, we have 37+ jokes listed here, but if you’re hungry for more humor, keep an eye out for future updates and expansions of our joke collection.

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