15+ Hilarious Bengay Jokes That Will Leave You In Stitches


Are you ready to tickle your funny bone? Bengay, a popular topical analgesic used for muscle pain relief, might not seem like the typical source of comedy. However, we’ve gathered a collection of side-splitting Bengay jokes that will have you in stitches. 

From puns to clever one-liners, these jokes are bound to make you chuckle and forget about your muscle soreness for a moment. So sit back, relax, and prepare for a laughter-filled ride through the world of Bengay humor!

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Funny Bengay Jokes

  1. Why did the athlete keep a tube of Bengay in his gym bag? He liked to rub shoulders with the competition!
  2. What did the Bengay say to the sore muscle? “I’ve got your back!”
  3. Why did the comedian start using Bengay? He wanted to add some heat to his punchlines!
  4. How does Bengay cheer up a sad muscle? It gives it a little rub-hug!
  5. What do you call Bengay for pets? Doggy-dol!
  6. Why did the circus strongman apply Bengay before lifting elephants? To make sure he had a “trunk” load of strength!
  7. What did the Bengay say to the lazy muscle? “Get a grip, I’m here to motivate you!”
  8. Why did the Bengay join the band? It wanted to play its soothing melodies on the “rub-a-dub” tuba!
  9. What’s a muscle’s favorite type of music? Bengayton!
  10. How does Bengay handle a tough muscle knot? It unravels it with a rubik’s-rub!
  11. Why did the marathon runner always carry Bengay in their pocket? In case they needed a quick “rubber” boost!
  12. What did the Bengay say to the marathon runner? “You’re always on the right track!”
  13. Why did the teacher apply Bengay before grading papers? To give her fingers an extra “zing”!
  14. What’s a muscle’s favorite superhero? Bengay-man!
  15. How did the Bengay become a famous actor? It landed the role of a lifetime in the movie “The Fast and the Furious: Rubbing Heat”!
  16. Why did the Bengay go to the comedy club? It wanted to rub shoulders with the funniest muscle in town!
  17. What did the Bengay say when it won the comedy competition? “I’m the reigning king of the laugh-rubs!”

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We hope these Bengay jokes brought a smile to your face and a hearty laugh to your day. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and even in unexpected places like a muscle pain relief cream, there’s room for humor. 

So the next time you reach for that tube of Bengay, you might just find yourself chuckling at the thought of these jokes. Keep laughing, stay pain-free, and enjoy the lighter side of life!


Can Bengay actually make you laugh? 

Bengay is not known for its comedic effects, but these jokes are meant to bring humor to the topic and provide a lighthearted experience.

Are Bengay jokes suitable for everyone? 

Bengay jokes are intended for light-hearted entertainment and can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates humor. However, it’s always important to consider the audience and their sense of humor.

Can laughing actually help with muscle pain? 

While laughter may not directly alleviate muscle pain, it can provide temporary distraction and a sense of well-being, which might help with the overall experience of discomfort.

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